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Top News Stories

THE WAR IS OVER......uhoh, spoke too soon....
Today, Israel broke the cease fire, o well wats new??
They are just upset that they an army who are ranked teh forth greatest army in teh world lost to a small group of people...imagine what wld happen to them against Iran. tee hee!! hmmm we all may be forced to wear burqas soon ppl!!! mwahhahahah
"They lost" i hear you cry, o yes. The aim of the war which they started? To get back the prisoners that were captured (not kidnapped) and to crush Hizbullah (the latter one being the main aim as Israel told USA prior to teh kidnappings). They managed neither.
Israel told america they cld crush hizbuallh in a week, stall the UN ceasefire. They didn't. Ok then, ten days.....two weeks??? Thats when they realised theywere losing loasd of men.....America suddenly in favour of a ceasefire after Israel calls for help. No pictures were shown of the destruction in Israel for a couple of reasons. Firstly, they were too near the Israli Air bases and secondly Israel didnt want to be humilliated. Hizbullah managed to  destroy many of Israils best tanks and naval ships. One ship can carry 50 pp yet Israli claim only 4 ppl died on that ship which was totally  destroyed.

Lebanon, my 2 pence....
AL MAWT Li ISRAEL....fa inna Hizbullahi, hum al ghaliboon

Hezbollah is a recognised political party in Lebanon which participates in government. While it has its own army independent of the Lebanese army, the latter are not sufficiently equipped (unlike Israel) to defend itself. Throughout the (Muslim) world Hezbollah is regarded as a legitimate resistance due to the Israeli occupation in Lebanon. Prior to the Israeli attack on Lebanon, Hezbollah had not killed any civilians and those that were killed post July 12th had been attacks on towns which contained Israeli bases. You talk about how you  were appalled by the civilian deaths in both Lebanon and Israel, yet the deaths in each of these countries can not be compared with the former having thirty times more civilian deaths than the latter (who were using accurate weaponry). You call Hezbollah a terrorist group, yet they are not the ones who have killed so many civilians, who have occupied another’s land, who have broken countless UN resolutions and war crimes. Surely one who does all the above should be called a terrorist nation. People who were allegedly going to take explosives onto a plane from a British airport were called terrorists but those who blow up an airport in the capital of Lebanon are just using ‘disproportionate’ force. The right of self defence does not justify unrestrained behaviour. The international community needs to speak out headed by Britain and America. They need to condemn the attacks they need to enforce UN resolutions when they are broken; they need to punish countries who do not abide by these resolutions. In the interest of Lebanon and the wider region I urge you to speak out against Israel and its illegal occupation, its illegal bombardment of innocent civilians.  

You also talk about the kidnapping of the Israeli soldiers (who may have been on Lebanese soil) which started this phase of attacks (it did not start this war which was started prior to this and included kidnappings prior to this). However, soldiers are legitimate military targets and the kidnapping was initiated to start a prisoner exchange with Israel who has 1000’s of Lebanese prisoners many of whom are civilians (including women).Why does no one speak out against this crime? Why does no one mention about the Palestinian members in government who the Israelis have recently abducted? Again I urge you to speak out against the crimes which Israel are committing, not just the crimes you think Hezbollah are committing.


Resolution 1559 has also been mentioned numerous times in your letter yet your bias is evident in the omissions of the dozens of UN resolutions that Israel has not adhered to. These resolutions need to be enforced by the international community, headed by Britain and America, and if they are not then a suitable punishment e.g. sanctions should be imposed otherwise the resolutions bears no teeth.


Finally I am bitterly disappointed at the lack of action and leadership by our Government and our Members of Parliament in calling for an immediate ceasefire over the extreme violence perpetrated by the Israeli Government in both the Lebanon as well as the Palestinian Territories. It has taken over a month for a ceasefire to be agreed that should have been decided in days. This has been further compounded by the fact that our Government has allowed and continues to allow the shipment of American bombs for Israel. It is also disappointing that British companies are supplying the Israeli Government to aid their military campaign in this indiscriminate killing of innocent men, women and children.


Please take heed of this letter and speak out against Israel, ensure compensation is given to the Lebanese people and to their country for all the damage they have endured and the loss which they have suffered. Also please guarantee UN resolutions, past present and future are adhered to and enforced, with suitable punishment for countries that do not abide by them.



above = part of the letter to ma mp.....

I will hopefully be trying up update this page regularly with articles, mostly by me, on interested topics. Lets see how long this lasts....



Question....why isn't the Philippine mud slide headline news???


Danish penny’s worth

Yet more killed. The Danish cartoons sparked the exact response the publishers were looking for. Chaos. Showing again how 'extreme' Muslims are. After all it was only a cartoon; ever heard of 'freedom of speech'. Of course there are limitations.

For example had the cartoon depicted the same image but instead of Prophet Muhammad pbh it had been a Rabbi or an Israeili guard, that would be classed as Anti 'Semitic'. Or if it had been a cartoon depicting Jesus pbh making love to a women (as was shown in a movie- The Last Temptation) that again is going too far. Can't these Muslims see that freedom of speech can only be exercised as long as it doesn't hurt our feelings?

As Robert Fisk points out 'The fact is Muslims live their religion. We do not...That’s why we talk about the West versus Islam rather than Christians versus Islam - because there aren't an awful lot of Christians left in Europe.'

What many people are forgetting is not only was the picture of Prophet Muhammad published, but it was one which depicted him as a bomber, someone threatening and murderous. A truly inapt representation, not just of him, but also of Islam.

Some say there was nothing the Danish government could have done as they can't censor every single paper that is published (although I'm sure using the previous example, had it been depicting another religion they would have spotted it). What makes it worse is that the Danish government didn't even condemn it when the paper was first published.

I doubt this will die down any time soon. The only thing this whole episode has actually achieved is shown that Muslims are – yet again – easy to provoke. Meh who cares???!



(Someone suggested in the papers to have a dot-to-dot of the cartoon

so those who want to see it can and those who don't, don't have to ;))

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