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Zaynab Versi


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Stuff we go up to

  • And erm...what?
  • afro hair (lol id forgotton about that one!!)!
  • cards
  • frank the bullet
  • songs e.g. Mlle Mlle; Bush or Gore?;
  • 'Its Jaymaa right'
  • our list of alternative names for teachers
  • CAROTT (spelt corretly...!!! lol)
  • finding our history tets in yr 7 (wot idiots!!!)
  • red shi*t
  • our dream of sueing the school...whcih was my room?? (probably teh canteen!!)
  • Zany Zebra bastard
  • DJ Zee
  • Panda Pops
  • "I think about it all the time"
  • "went outside, looked up at teh sky and walked into a lamppost" (there seem to be an aful lot about mr frank...??!!!)
  • Whistleing in maths
  • McDs tasted cheese sandwhich
  • food tech...ooopsey!!!! (my pasta dish)
  • falling down the stairs trying to get attention
  • always losing purse
  • always losing everything
  • sun tanning in English by the window (right at front, where teach would neva look!!!)
  • our blazers all through till yr 9??!!!.
  • Maths drunk/hangover
  • Reg n Tracy!!! LOL
  • Snowball fight
  • TV batteries
  • Hist = prost
  • Footy BALLS
  • Friday Zaynab
  • Ultra superlatives
  • ‘whos meda?’
  • biology heart drawing
  • Geraldine
  • Apple or tomato?
  • “I wanna see choe”
  • Maddys ‘god’
  • Its going up, Its going up, Its going up….o wait…its the clock
  • The answers C
  • Running through exam class cackling
  • Blu tac man (maths)
  • The clock in SF1…oopsy
  • ‘its gonna be a great day!!!’
  • football rocks!!!
  • Ahmed Hassan
  • belly hair ewwww…
  • J its P2 AND P3….don;t you EVER listen in class??!?!
  • Pirates
  • Mr Lilley

IF ANYONE REMEMBERS ANYTHING ELSE JUST EMAIL ME...(note nothing incriminating about me will be put up hehhe)

anyone found to have copywrighted any of 'my' material which i got of another website or various fwds that i have received will suffer the have been warned